Future Perfect

Irini Papadimitriou

Through the ages, we have been dreaming of machines and technologies that could take us away from the mundane, and would transform and liberate us: artificial intelligence and automated systems to make us more efficient and productive, and algorithms to process monotonous tasks and decisions. We have been imagining machines and technologies as portals to new realities and worlds. As these dreams are being fulfilled in a society that is becoming increasingly complex and defined by technological terms, we are reaching new opportunities and imaginaries, but also new challenges and extremities. Most aspects of our lives today are imbued by algorithmic processes, our bodies are enrobed in technology as we become merged with machines, and our physical worlds are becoming indistinguishable from the virtual.

How are these technological dreams shaping and impacting our lives, perceptions, identities and environments? And what are our new nature and reality boundaries?

This presentation explores the negative spaces left in the processes of algorithmic systems, but also new human and hybrid manifestations that are emerging from our current and future technological worlds.