Hidden Incident of Pet Food

Ziwei Wu, Xiaofu Jin, Yifang Wang, Xian Xu

The data video work Hidden Incident of Pet Food discusses the life-threatening pet food problems in a human-focused world. For the first time, this work links pet food research with contemporary art, which incorporates new technologies such as AI and data visualization. We are researching a series of global life issues, from taurine deficiency in the 1970s, to the use of melamine to boost protein content in 2007-2008 and the use of animal products containing the euthanasia drug Pentobarbital in 2017. These various events pull together incidents involving pet food to form a continuing narrative of unintentional harm to humans, including harm caused in striving for commercial profit, and secondary poisoning to multiple species. We blend real incidents and pets with other visual components in order to visually enhance the experience for the audience. This work explores the relationship between people and pets in so far as they are controlled by pet capitalism.