Fugue state: Left Homeland, which way?

Jin Tian

In Chinese folk religion the land gods have the power to bring a good harvest and to preserve the home. This belief represents a deep spiritual connection with the land, home, and nostalgia for homeland that are at the root of the traditional Chinese culture. In Latin, the word ‘culture’ also has strong associations with the land. ‘Culture’ comes from the Latin ‘colere’, which Roman philosopher Cicero used to refer to the cultivation of the soul. Land and culture are essential to the human sense of belonging – according to the German philosopher Heidegger, only poetic dwelling enables a human to authentically dwell on land and feel at home. The artwork shows the ‘fugue state’ of land gods travelling in a spatiotemporal dream. The fugue state is both a state of freedom and escape from the land, and also a kind of spiritual illness.